Our innovative in-home sampling service offers you a unique way to reach consumers in their homes – minimising wastage and maximising engagement.

Trial, acquisition, brand awareness and retail footfall are common objectives that our intelligent approach to audience targeting delivers. Our In-home sampling service enables immediate trial, in the relaxed home environment, and works for established brands and new product launches alike. It is proven to build greater consumer loyalty with sales uplifts performing over the longer term to drive market share. In-home sampling mechanics offer brand stand out, whatever the products size and shape.

With In-home sampling consumers are able to trial your product over a sustained period, enabling powerful brand engagement in the home.

Our tried-and-tested evaluation methodology captures the impact of in-home sampling on shopping behaviour and longer-term uplift in both volume and value. We measure sales and market share for product, category, brand and competitors, as well as frequency of purchase, average spend per purchase and repeat purchases.

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