How doordrop media can help your audience find the perfect gift this Christmas

This year it is expected that shoppers will spend £650 each over the festive season. On average they will spend £290 on loved ones, £123 on food and £74 on a glam outfit. In total, in the busiest shopping period of the year, retail spend is estimated to reach over £29bn. And the buying process has already begun...

Price followed by convenience shapes shoppers’ spending habits at Christmas. With 30% of shoppers stating that proximity to a store is one of their three reasons to spend with a particular brand, targeting the right customer, with the right message and at the right time, is crucial to getting your brand front of mind.

The home is a great way to connect with your customers, achieving cut-through and standout in an environment which reaches them in a low pressure context. With doordrop media being kept for an average of 38 days it provides a deep and long lasting brand engagement allowing for tailored and relevant messaging. According to the Royal Mail’s Private Life of Mail study, 69% say they opened a letter about a promotion or special offer, and with 60% of PC, tablet and smart phone use taking place in the home, doordrop can be an initial inspiration for concluding transactions online. It also plays an important role for store visits with 66% stating they visited a store after receiving doordrop media at home.

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