Shopper marketing is coming home

Sampling. If you want to nail it, getting your brand into the
home is key. When consumers sample your product in the
privacy of their own homes, they engage on a much more
personal level and are more receptive to the experience.

The station battle v your comfy sofa

 If I am arriving at Victoria station about to fight my way onto the tube on my way to a meeting, then a beautifully constructed sample pack gets thrust into my hand by a beautifully constructed brand ambassador containing seven tea bags from a wellknown household brand it is simply one more thing I don’t want to carry.

If that same beautifully constructed sample pack is delivered through my letterbox, into my home, where the context is perfect – take it into the kitchen and pour hot water on it – relax and enjoy, then this is ideal – the perfect marriage which creates the perfect marketing campaign.

Targeting at its best

Most brand to hand sampling can roughly target an ‘environment’ that may contain their approximate target audience. Where attendees at a festival fit a certain demographic for example. But this does not take into account where they live, shop and even if they have access to purchase the product once they have tried it!

In store sampling allows a small degree of geographic targeting to store level but does not allow the truly targeted campaign to a precise target audience in a precise geography.

Targeting for in home sampling enables you to not only pinpoint who you place your product with but where they live, shop and make their purchasing decisions.

Using grocery trade areas we are able to first identify the catchment areas around all supermarkets within the UK. Within these catchments we can provide an analysis of trading patterns, store performance and the shopper make up in terms of market share and value

Performance is proof

A popular FMCG brand recently sent out just under a million coupons. Using Whistl’s targeting abilities, the company decided to focus on households that shop at a specific grocery retailer. Whistl then planned and executed the campaign. A massive 98% of all coupon redeemers purchased the product from the targeted stores. Another new snack brand Yushoi won gold in the IPM awards shopper marketing category demonstrating a significant uplift in sales in the selected targeted stores.

Shopper marketing is coming home

For the vast majority of FMCG brands, the home is where their products will reside and be used. However this environment still remains relatively untapped from a shopper marketing perspective where the historic focus on the store environment still prevails. However smart brands are beginning to realise the opportunity to engage directly with their target consumers and are reaping the rewards. Shopper marketing really is coming home.

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