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Source: TGI 2013

Our full service spans the campaign lifecycle, from briefing to delivery, and evaluation insights you can apply to drive future success

  • Client Brief

    We’ll get under the skin of your brand, overall strategy and specific commercial aims – and how best to achieve them.

  • Audience Discovery

    We’ll define, refine or amplify your target audience based on the latest data sources, market research insights and geo-demographic analytics.

  • Insight & Planning

    We’ll advise on how to integrate intelligent doordrop in your media mix and develop a collaborative strategy to deliver your objectives.

  • Creative Optimisation

    We can help you achieve stand-out with recommendations on creative format, stock and design, plus A/B testing and optional eye tracking research.

  • Campaign Approval

    Our intelligent doordrop proposal will include detailed maps, graphs and our final recommendations to optimise your media spend.

  • Distribution & Logistics

    We’ll co-ordinate key deadlines and provide status updates from the field to enhance your campaign.

  • Evaluation & Insights

    We’ll appraise the value of consumers reached, and continually refine the audience modelling for stronger results from every successive campaign.

Managing your campaign

  • Highly targeted

    We’ll define, refine, amplify and verify your target audience to ensure your campaign reaches relevant consumers with the propensity to buy or otherwise engage with your brand. Our analytic experts use a combination of the latest data sources including TGI, Mosaic, DVLA and ONS, in conjunction with client data, EPOS data and an understanding of shopping behaviour.

    We apply industry-leading tools and techniques to create a geo-demographic profile of your audience that takes into account variables such as market context, seasonality, frequency and competitor activity.

  • Optimum reach

    Intelligent doordrop gives you access to our own distribution network and those of our partners, to help you balance reach and share of voice with cost considerations. Our expertise lies in blending these networks to deliver the best possible campaign on your behalf.

    The Whistl Home Network gives you household reach of 18 million and puts up to 15,000 dedicated distributors to work for your brand. We don’t impose restrictions on the dimensions of doordrop items, and we can provide exclusive distribution of in-home sampling of any weight. Our area managers across the UK provide control, status reporting and feedback so our central team can dynamically optimise your campaign.

    Royal Mail gives you fully national potential, with a household reach of over 27 million. Weekly delivery alongside addressed mail and you will be guaranteed category exclusivity.

    The Newshare distribution model delivers your intelligent doordrop along with the free local newspapers – ideal if low cost of entry is a priority for you. There are no maximum advertisers per period, so this option is available at any time, and can achieve a household reach of 8 million.

  • Measurable value

    No other print media channel gives you such opportunity to measure brand triggers, retail sales impact and ROI. Through follow-up activity, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of the impact of your campaign, including sales, awareness and engagement. These insights are key to providing accountability, and reaffirm the strategic planning process.

    Our evaluation can span multiple media so we can determine the contribution of intelligent doordrop and individual networks within the mix. This intelligence is then used to inform the planning of future campaigns for continuous improvement.

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Why whistl?

We are experts in enabling brands to connect with consumers in their homes.

We apply insight and data analytics to target households that fit specific geo-demographic profiles. Our full service spans the campaign lifecycle, from briefing to delivery, and evaluation insights. We deliver flexibility and innovation - optimising campaigns via the Whistl Own Network, Royal Mail and Newshare.

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