Category doordrop

Grab a larger share of your target market and get greater impact from your media budget


Designed to create intrigue from the moment it’s delivered, the new Category doordrop from Whistl gives you a unique opportunity to reach targeted households with the interest, income and intent to buy your products or services. 

Category doordrop encapsulates an assortment of high-quality mini-brochures and catalogues from like-minded advertisers across your industry. It’s a chance to complement as well as compete. Think of it as bringing the experience and diversity of an exhibition to consumers in the comfort of their own home. And because you get the cost advantages of a joint initiative, you can extend the reach of your media spend. 

This shared initiative is designed to achieve stand-out, offer the choice that today’s consumers demand, and allow you to inspire and influence prospects with something tangible they can keep or share with friends and family. 

Our experts will deliver the entire campaign on your behalf, from customer profiling to campaign evaluation.  You benefit from the simplicity of a single, accountable partner, measurable results and repeatable successes.