Our huge success rate in minimising wastage and maximising engagement is down to intelligent targeting. Our experts pinpoint the most receptive of households using innovative geo-demographic data sources and consumer insights.

Read on to find out how we can help maximise your marketing investment

Place your brand into the hands and hearts of consumers

We help you to give your consumers an opportunity to try your brand in a relaxed and relevant setting, at a time which suits them.

Adding a splash of milk to a brand new cereal, relaxing with a new wholebean instant coffee or unwinding in the bath with the latest spa-inspired bath foam are just a few examples of a comfortable and unforgettable in-home sampling experience

Our ability to deliver full size products ensures your brand can be sampled over a period of time which research shows contributes to repeat purchasing, long-term sales uplifts and market share growth.

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Reach households proven to be most receptive to your brand

Our intelligent approach to campaign planning means your samples will be sent to consumers who are most likely to interact with your brand.

Our expert analysts blend customer and EPOS data together with the latest data sources including TGI, Mosaic, Experian’s grocery catchment data to pinpoint the most receptive households. We overlay this with unique insights across shopping behaviour, market context, seasonality, and competitor activity to build intelligent campaigns.

With targeted geo-demographic profiles of the most relevant consumers across key regions coupled with our planning expertise, we can ensure a highly cost efficient campaign with minimal wastage.

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Read why home sampling works

50% of UK adults say they are more likely to buy a product if they receive a free sample of it first* (TGI 2015)
15-34 age group, are 41% more likely to rate testing a sample as one of the most important factors when deciding which cosmetic or toiletries brands to buy. (TGI 2015)
On average FMCG brands have enjoyed a 30% opt-in rate for in-home sampling campaigns  

Choose from a range of flexible sampling options

Opt-in sampling

On Day 1,a branded bag or die-cut doordrop is delivered to homes.

Consumers opt-in to receive a full size sample by leaving the branded bag or doordrop outside, actively choosing to trial your brand at home on Day 2 and beyond.

Vimto used opt-in sampling for a new product launch and doubled sales in campaign areas.

Knock & Drop sampling

Whistl Home Network distributors visit targeted households to offer free full size sample product.

This creates a face-to-face opportunity to showcase your brand to receptive consumers.

Elephant Atta used Knock and Drop sampling to launch a new product. 54% of recipients said they would purchase following the campaign.

Letterbox sampling

Samples are delivered straight through the letterbox of targeted households.

This is a fast cover build to receptive households anywhere in the UK.

Adding a coupon to a letterbox sample is an added incentive to help drive footfall to stores.

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Gain tangible, measurable and accountable results

In-home sampling has worked successfully for some of the UK’s leading brands. From new product launches to brand reappraisal, it aids brand builders and can lead to repeat purchasing and halo sales effect across other products in the brand’s range.

We can provide a full campaign overview and evaluation to show tangible results against your objectives.

These include:

  • Pre-campaign (control) sales data analysis
  • Post-campaign sales data evaluation (8 weeks minimum)
  • Results by postcode sector, or individual retailers/stores within campaign catchment sectors
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Monitoring & Measurement of social media platforms
  • Post-campaign telephone checks to verify receipt to targeted households
  • Qualitative video interviews with consumers (dependent on campaign budget)

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