In-home sampling campaign helps LEGO make new friends

Campaign objective

Iconic brand, LEGO, was looking to engage with a new audience – girls aged 7-9 years – by introducing them to the LEGO Friends range.

Intelligent doordrop solution

Our unique, opt-in, in-home sampling format was chosen to build brand awareness and drive footfall. We applied our analytical expertise to identify high-propensity households with specific geo-demographic profiles in selected Argos retail catchment areas. This was combined with appealing creative and delivered on a solus basis, using a controlled distribution methodology to gauge interest, via our own national network. 

On Day 1, we delivered an eye-catching LEGO Friends bag to carefully-targeted households – affluent ABC1 families within target store catchments. Consumers who wanted to receive a free ‘Emma’ toy simply had to leave the bag outside their front door by 9am the following day.

On Day 2, our distributors returned with a LEGO Friends sample kit and inspiring mini brochure for every household that had opted in.

Campaign results

This unique, phased approach to in-home sampling minimised wastage by ensuring only engaged consumers received the free toy. It enabled LEGO to reach brand new young consumers within the comfort of their own homes.  The 30% opt-in rate translated into a 26% sales uplift in target stores, and the campaign stimulated a flurry of positive sentiment on social media.  

46% of households stated they would take positive action by buying or intending to buy a LEGO Friends product, or buy another LEGO toy as a direct result of the campaign

Download our in-home sampling presentation or email us for more information.