Intelligent targeting delivered strong sales uplift for Yushoi launch

Campaign objective

Research showed that taste testing led to a higher level of purchase propensity.

With the opportunity to place product in hands with consumers, the objective of building brand awareness and encouraging taste appraisal of Yushoi Snapea was achievable


A core target audience of health conscious families were targeted in key regions.

To allow product purchase only target homes within catchments of specific Tesco & Morrisons stocked stores received the 500k samples

The campaign landed across January and February, to mirror the healthy new year new start mantra.

Campaign results

The highly targeted campaign ensured engaged consumers were exposed to Yushoi to build brand awareness and allow immediate trial in the comfort of home.

Generated significant sales increases at target stores.  On average unit sales during the 4 week campaign were +20% higher than the control stores.

Halo effect across the Yushoi range, plus significant quantities of coupons redeemed.

Campaign was also awarded 2017 IPM Gold for Shopper Marketing and Silver for Direct Marketing Campaign